Engineering Assistance

BETE Applications Engineers can assist you when your application requires a custom designed nozzle, involves extremely specific spray performance, or there are unusual operating conditions. Our engineers have many years of experience in nozzle design and specification. Members of our staff have served on ASTM committees, hold nozzle patents, and have managed our test laboratory. 

"I have been working recently with your Applications Engineering department regarding a spray nozzle application for our commercial design.  I’ve been very impressed with the depth of their knowledge and their willingness to provide information about your spray nozzle performance."

Try Customer Service:  

If you are unsure about whether BETE has an "off-the-shelf" nozzle to suit your needs, please contact our Customer Service department. Our highly trained customer service department will review your application and determine the proper nozzle for you. If further research is required, they will send your request to BETE Engineers. You can contact sales by email, or you can call 413-772-0846 and ask for Customer Service.

Contact BETE Applications Engineers:

If you are certain that your application needs the consultation of an Engineer, please print the Information Requst Form (PDF, 869 KB), fill it out as best you can, and email it to us. Completing the form accurately will avoid unnecessary questions and speed up the response time from our engineers.  

For product performance data or Applications Engineering assistance please email

Need help selecting a spraying solution for your unique application? Please fill out our information request form :

BETE Information Request Form (PDF - 869 KB)