Fan Spray Nozzles

Fan nozzles are hydraulically driven and produce a flat fan pattern one of two ways. The nozzle either has an angled cut or a sloping deflection face to create the fan spray pattern.

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What BETE nozzles are considered Fan?

There are many different nozzles that fall into the fan type nozzle. The following direct pressure nozzles produce a flat fan spray pattern:

Fan Nozzle Design Specifications and Frequently Asked Questions

All nozzles in the fan family are hydraulically driven and have one of two main design characteristics that generate the flat fan pattern.

  • Nozzles like the NF & BJ series manipulate the orifice by having a slit into the nozzle that guides the flow into a specific spray pattern. The spray angle of these slitted nozzles is determined both by the angle of the cut and the depth of the cut. The deeper and more narrow the cut, the wider the spray angle.
  • Other fan nozzles like the FF and SPN series use a deflection face to guide and form the fan pattern. The orifice passes the fluid, and a sloping face directs and generates the pattern. A longer and more narrow deflection face will produce a more narrow spray angle where a wider and short face will produce a wider pattern.

Most flat fan nozzles are able to achieve a wide variety of spray angles. BETE’s flat fan nozzles usually produce a spray angle from 120° to 0° with a multitude of options in between. Some special extra-wide flat fan nozzles like the FF series can produce angles as wide as 145°.

Fan nozzles usually produce medium to coarse atomization.

Fan nozzles can be operated with a very wide range of pressures. All fan nozzles have different purposes, but in general the fan nozzles listed above can operate on a pressure range of 5.00 psi400.00 psi.

Fan nozzles are one of the most versatile nozzles types and can be implemented in countless different applications. Depending on the nozzle and flow rate that the application demands, flat fan nozzles can provide over 500.00 gpm and can produce flow rates as low as 0.02 gpm if necessary.

  • Flat fan nozzles are often times the most advantageous choice for conveyor belt applications. Whenever something is moving and has to be washed, wetted or coated, fan nozzles are often your best choice. Examples of this are conveyor belt cleaning, suppressing coal dust on a conveyor and coating molds with lubrication.
  • When a high impact force is necessary for either cleaning or other applications, a fan style nozzle may give you the most optimal results. The SPN series and narrow-angled NF nozzles will provide a large impact force while generating relatively low flow rates.

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