Full Cone (Spiral) Spray Nozzles

The full cone pattern from a spiral nozzle consists of several concentric hollow cones that join to produce a full cone effect with a smaller droplet size. 

The TFXP and STXP nozzles offer a larger free passage by stretching out the helix (spaces between the spiral turns) and providing the nozzle a free passage of at least the orifice diameter.

The N Series is offered with FM and UL Approvals for sensitive Fire Protection applications.

What BETE nozzle series and types produce this spray pattern?

How is this spray pattern achieved through nozzle design?

A spiral helix directs the liquid after it leaves the orifice. Each spiral turn allows for a different spray angle, thus creating a full cone nozzle.

Operating Specifications & Frequently Asked Questions for Spiral Full Cone Spray Nozzles

The coverage isn’t as uniform as a Whirl Full Cone nozzle, but a Spiral Full Cone nozzle offers a better cooling effect for sensitive applications.

The Spiral Full Cone nozzles offer a smaller droplet size with a larger surface area to volume ratio as compared to the similar flowing Whirl Full Cone nozzle.

Depending on your application, typically between 40-100 psi.

The flow rate will be contingent on your specific application.

If you are looking for gas cooling or want the liquid to react with a process for a smaller droplet size, the Spiral Full Cone nozzle gives you outstanding results.