New Electric HydroPulse Automatic Spray Nozzles

BETE’s electric-actuated HydroPulse Spray Nozzles assure precision volumes of expensive ingredients and compounds are sprayed directly onto your processing target, with overspray waste virtually eliminated. Pair with the BETE FlexFlow™ Precision Spray Control System and discover optimal spray performance for applying flavors, coatings, mold inhibitors, antimicrobials, preservatives, release agents, and more with exceptional accuracy. Discover the benefits of precise, intermittent spraying solutions.

October 8, 2019

A achieve uniform coverage, even if you adjust your conveyor speed. Electric HydroPulse (EHP) spray nozzles do not require a  compressed air source and are capable of cycling  on/off up to 150 cycles per second. These features  afford the option of using high-frequency cycling  known as Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) to vary  the liquid spray flow rate at constant supply pressure with little change in spray performance by adjusting the duty cycle. When the spray cycles at a  high enough frequency, coverage uniformity is maintained because the duration between pulses of  spray is short enough to ensure there are no gaps in the spray coverage. 

Electric HydroPulse Nozzles are available in both a Hygienic Food-Grade Design or an Industrial option for non-hygienic applications.