BETE FastPASS™ Bus Disinfecting Systems

Since 1950, BETE has been a leading  spray nozzle manufacturer of high quality spray technology, developing specialized spray nozzle designs for a variety of industries such as gas and oil, chemical processing, food and beverage, power generation, waste management, and many others. Our performance spray engineering offers you automated spray systems for industrial processes and applications.

Leveraging over 70 years of experience with industrial nozzle design, advanced engineering, and manufacturing resources, BETE has grown far beyond just spray nozzles and lances, today we offer a one-stop shop for complete spray systems and fabrications. Download the FastPASS Brochure.

Manual Disinfecting Vs. BETE FastPASS

BETE FastPASS Benefits

More than ever, transportation officials are focused on bus sanitation to ensure rider safety. If you operate a bus fleet, disinfection has likely become a strain on your maintenance resources, which cuts into your bottom line. Manual disinfection exposes workers to chemicals and is subject to human error, leading to potential risks and wasted resources.

A Better Way to Disinfect

With the BETE FastPASS disinfection system, buses outfitted with fixed-location UltiFog air atomizing spray nozzles and concealed plumbing achieve fast, consistent, and uniform spray coverage throughout the cabin.

A Safer Way to Spray

Supply of liquid disinfectant and compressed air comes from an external portable cart that allows the simultaneous disinfection of multiple buses while eliminating worker exposure to chemicals.
Manual Disinfecting Vs. BETE FastPASS

FastPASS™ Nozzle Installation Kits & Portable Carts

Quick & Easy Installation, MA RMV Approved


FastPASS (Public Area Spray Systems) Nozzle Installation Kits Include:

• UltiFog™ Air Atomizing Spray Nozzles
• Poly tubing and fittings for installation
• Quick disconnect fittings with protective enclosure
• Raceway to conceal tubing
• Installation guide

FastPASS Supply Carts Include:

• Stainless steel liquid pressure tank
• Pre-plumbed air and liquid tubing, fittings, filters, and valves
• Manifold distribution block
• Interconnecting hoses that supply air and liquid
    to multiple buses simultaneously
• Optional self-contained compressed air supply
• All equipment mounted on portable roller cart
• Customized systems and controls upon request

UltiFog Air Atomizing Spray Nozzle
FastPASS Supply Cart
Quick Disconnect Fittings with Protective Enclosure