DTH Nozzles

Silicon Carbide Nozzles, Flue Gas Desulfurization Nozzles, Bi-directional Double Tangential Hollow Cone Nozzles

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BETE DTH nozzles, available in silicon carbide, feature a double Hollow Cone tangential design.

The BETE bi-directional DTH series feature two orifices, each of which forms a hollow cone pattern, with one spraying downward and the other spraying upward. The geometry of the design has been developed to produce the most uniform possible spray distribution in each cone.

The upward spraying cone accomplishes two objectives: 1.) reduces the pressure drop across the absorber and 2.) increases the average droplet residence time. The DTH is also available with unequal flows in the cones such as 70% upward spraying and 30% downward spraying.

Flue gas desulfurization nozzles are usually custom-built. Please download BETE’s FGD inquiry worksheet use this document to inform us of your FGD nozzle requirements. (PDF - 87 KB)