Spray Lance, Injector & Quill Solutions

For Improving Your Specific Process Conditions

Use BETE spray lances, injectors, and quills for injecting liquid or gas into a process stream to create stable conditions for safe and efficient operation of downstream plant components. Avoid wall wetting, pipe corrosion, costly repairs, and unscheduled outages from occurring with spray injection solutions from BETE.

Delivering Precise Performance

BETE can design and fabricate a spray lance or injector solution to precisely apply a liquid or gas into a process stream to meet your exact process requirements. Our engineers have years of application experience and knowledge to determine the best way to provide spray coverage and performance needed. Our highly qualified welders are some of the best in the industry, with extensive experience in welding dissimilar metals and exotic alloys. 

Spray Lances & Quill Solutions

Spray lances are ideal when more precise control of the spray pattern, droplet size, or flow rate is required. A spray lance includes a spray nozzle and provides better mixing and droplet sizes necessary for specific process conditions. Injection quills do not contain a nozzle and are standard for applications that do not require precise control of the spray.


Maintenance without downtime


Retractable lances allow you to withdraw your nozzle, isolate it from the process, and then remove it entirely for servicing without taking your process offline. Once you have serviced, cleaned, or inspected the nozzle – reattach it to the system, open the isolation valve, and insert it back into the process. Such features are often a critical requirement for petrochemical facilities where process outages are costly. For example, specific applications involved in the production of petroleum contain very erosive particles. The ability to remove the nozzle for refit while keeping the process online offers tremendous cost savings.

For smaller size retractable lances, maintenance can insert and withdraw the lance pipe manually. BETE offers a robust retraction mechanism that effortlessly moves the lance from extended to inserted and back for larger sizes or any size where automation or ease of use is required. A simple cordless drill can power the unit, making this design a favorite for maintenance crews. The mechanism is flexible in its configuration, allowing alternate electric, pneumatic, or hydraulic power sources to drive the unit.


Design, Fabrication, and Testing Process

Our engineers start by incorporating all your project specifications to ensure we meet your design requirements and validate any industry Codes that must be compliant. From the simplest to most complex designs, BETE works to your needs. We use Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modeling software, which simulates the spray process to determine the best solutions for your process conditions. 

We stock BETE’s in-house foundry with various alloys, and we are one of the first foundries in the world to cast Nickel Alloy C-22. Our engineers can help you select the material for maximum effectiveness and operating life in your application.

Common Materials:

  • Carbon Steel
  • Alloy Steels
  • Stainless Steel
    • 310, 316, 321, 347
    • Duplex 2205
  • Nickel Alloys
    • C-276, C-22, 625, 825

Nearly all design, manufacturing, fabrication, and testing happen in the same facility. Close coordination through all phases of the process ensures optimization of mechanical, performance, and inspection requirements. 

Using BETE as your single-source supplier, you can count on the quality and performance of our products every time – delivered on time.

Request a Lance

Simply fill out one of forms below and send it to our team of applications engineers so we can turn your hand-drawn sketch into a finished drawing. To ensure the fastest reply, please include in your inquiry all critical dimensions, connection and flange specifications, and any special requirements. 

If you're not sure what the most appropriate arrangement is for your situation, our Applications Engineers can make a recommendation based on their extensive experience.

Specialty Lance Information Request Forms:

Manufacturing Code Compliances

BETE provides drop-in solutions in the form of custom spray lances, quills, injection lances, and chemical injectors. Fabrication is BETE’s specialty, from complex ASME Code compliant fabrications to simple flush pipe and flange assemblies. Our highly qualified welders are some of the best in the industry, with extensive experience in welding dissimilar metals and exotic alloys, including Hastelloy, nickel, and cobalt alloys.

BETE ASME Section IX Qualified Welders

Common Design Requirements

  • ASME B31.3 - Process Piping
  • ASME B31.1 - Power Piping
    • Boiler External Piping (PP Authorization)
    • Nonboiler External Piping
  • ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code Section VIII, Division 1 (U and UM Authorizations)
  • Welding qualification to ASME B&PVC, Section IX
  • Canadian Registration (CRN)
  • NACE compliance

Testing & Validation

BETE’s integrated engineering, quality, and manufacturing departments combine to meet virtually any code, testing, or inspection requirement.

Mechanical Inspections:

  • RT – Radiographic
  • UT – Ultrasonic
  • PT – Visible Dye Penetrant
  • Hydrostatic
  • Hardness
  • PMI – Positive Material Identification

Performance Inspections: 

  • Flow
  • Spray Angle
  • Cone Shape
  • Droplet Size
  • Special Customer Requirements

Refineries, chemical plants, and other industrial processes have counted on BETE’s nozzle engineering for decades to supply spray technology and spray systems custom designed from the nozzle up. Typical applications for spray lances, injectors, and quills include gas cooling, gas quenching, wash water injection, chemical injection, and SCR/SNCR (Ammonia injection/Urea injection).