XA Nozzle Directory

Low Flow, Misting, and Air Atomizing Nozzles

The XA nozzle system uses the energy in compressed air to produce highly atomized sprays at low flow rates. There are many interchangeable components that can be assembled to achieve a variety of spraying objectives.


XA nozzles produce eight distinctly different types of sprays, depending on which interchangeable air and fluid caps are selected. The spray type and flow rate are determined by the set-up—a specific combination of one air cap and one fluid cap.

Internal Mix Set-ups

Liquid and air streams meet within the nozzle and are mixed together and expelled through the same orifice(s). This internal mixing means the streams are not independent; a change in air flow will affect the liquid flow. This makes precise metering of the liquid more difficult than with an External Mix Set-up. Internal Mix Set-ups are able to produce the finest atomization of any of the XA set-ups, but they are generally not suitable for use with liquids which have a viscosity that is above 200 centipoise.

External Mix Set-ups

The air and liquid streams exit the nozzle independently and are combined and mixed outside of the nozzle. Because there is no connection between the air and liquid lines within the nozzle, the air and liquid flow rates can be controlled independently, allowing precise metering of the liquid. The atomization can be controlled by adjusting the air flow rate—more air produces finer atomization. In most cases these set-ups do not atomize as finely as Internal Mix Set-ups. External Mix Set-ups may be used with liquids having a viscosity above 200 centipoise and for abrasive suspensions. BETE Applications Engineering can provide guidance for spraying high viscosity liquids.

Siphon Set-ups

Internal and External Mix Set-ups require the liquid to be supplied to the nozzle under pressure from a municipal water supply, pump, or pressure vessel. Siphon Set-ups use the flow of compressed air within the nozzle to siphon liquid from a container. Siphon Set-ups are frequently used for spraying additives from a container without the use of a pump. They provide the lowest flow rates available in the XA series (as low as 0.1 GPH).

For specific information on hardware and set-ups, please download: Complete XA Components & Options (PDF - 532 KB)