BETE Custom Nozzle Fabrication

BETE can perform every procedure in-house, from casting to machining to assembly

Looking for more information on our spray lance capabilities?

BETE uses three basic spray nozzle fabrication processes: injection molding, machining from bar stock, and investment casting. Injection molding is used for large quantities of nozzles made from plastics such as PVC, ABS, and PVDF. Bar stock machining is often used for metal alloy and plastic nozzles when relatively small quantities are needed. Investment casting offers a precise and economical way to produce complex, customized nozzles in alloys that are difficult or expensive to machine.

In addition to these three staples, we offer specialized processes for custom nozzle fabrication and custom spray process solutions in our own in-house manufacturing facilities. The welding department, which is fully qualified to ASME Section IX, has made a specialty of joining dissimilar metals. This makes it possible to design nozzles combining alloys having superior anti-abrasion or corrosion properties with those having excellent machinability or weldability. Other specialized processes include plasma spray coating, plating, heat treating, grinding, ceramic fabrication, and filament winding of FRP.

The link between custom nozzle design and fabrication is seamless

Our engineers can make sure your nozzles, spray lances, and other components are optimally designed. We listen to your needs and use our experience and expertise to find the right solution either using one of our 60,000+ standard products or a custom fabricated nozzle.

BETE's advanced CIM (Computer Integrated Manufacturing) environment links CAD workstations, a CAM part programming system, and CNC machine tools. The computerized scheduling system sequences every step in the production process, constantly adjusting the loads at each workstation to maximize throughput. This makes it possible to manufacture any one of thousands of products within a short time, while providing reliable delivery forecasts.

BETE spray nozzles can be manufactured in a huge variety of materials

Our list includes but is not limited to: brass, bronze, cast iron, stainless steel, tungsten carbide, silicon carbide, nickel alloy, super alloys, titanium, tantalum, nickel, PTFE (Teflon®), PVDF (Kynar®), PVC, and polypropylene. We can also create nozzles using many other materials.

No matter where you are or in what industry you're working, our engineering and world-class customer service teams are always happy to discuss custom nozzle fabrication projects or help you find the right options from our very extensive catalog of ready-to-ship products.