BETE Spray Nozzle Design, Analysis, and Testing Laboratory

BETE's spray laboratory is dedicated to analysis of sprays and their behaviour in a process. Common spray characteristics we measure include flow rate and pressure, liquid distribution, droplet size, and droplet velocity. We can also build physical models of your process to help diagnose problems or select the best nozzle.

Spray nozzle effectiveness is based on the size, shape, velocity, and distribution of droplets. The goal of the BETE spray laboratory is to find new ways to help customers maximize performance while using less liquid and lower pumping pressure. Through better design and analysis, we can help improve efficiency and cut fluid process costs.


There is no better way to determine nozzle performance than to spray it and measure how it performs. BETE’s laboratory is capable of fully characterizing single and two-fluid sprays, including flow rate, spray angle, spray coverage, pattern distribution, and droplet size. Droplet size measurement is performed using a video analyzer, providing robust measurement of spherical and nonspherical droplets alike while allowing a straightforward understanding of this complex topic.

BETE’s lab capabilities extend beyond just the nozzle to how the nozzle functions in your process. Gas velocity effects on the spray, elevated temperature tests, lifetime determination tests, and material erosions tests are just a few of the ways that the BETE spray laboratory is putting its expertise to work for you.

droplet analysis

Our computer modeling optimizes spray nozzle design or selection by taking into consideration the effects of gravity, fluid pressure, gas velocity, and distance on spray coverage. The advanced, computerized Droplet Analyzer can measure in-spray droplets from 2.5 to over 15,000 microns at high velocities. The spray images are then illuminated by a strobe, displayed on a monitor, analyzed, and stored - all in less than one-tenth of a second.

Since droplet size has become so critical for many engineered applications, the BETE Droplet Analyzer is often used from the prototype stage through final manufacture to make sure the design meets specifications. It's an integral tool for our design and nozzle fabrication teams but the story doesn't end there.

Spray pattern analysis

Liquid distribution is just as critical to system design and overall spray nozzle efficiency. BETE's high-speed Patternator provides detailed information on spray density and coverage at various locations in the spray area and is totally integrated with the Droplet Analyzer, permitting complete and precise measurement of spray nozzle performance.

Whether you're working on a new application or a modification, BETE's spray nozzle laboratory can quickly evaluate your requirements and develop an effective solution. To talk to an engineer about your challenges and how we can help you meet them, click below to get in touch.