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Our patented spray systems and fabrications are quality inspected and field-proven to meet the high standards of third-party certifiers.

BETE engineers have been global leaders in spray nozzle design and manufacturing for more than half a century. BETE spray technology offerings include fog and misting nozzles, tank washing nozzles, material injection nozzles, custom spray lances, fabrications and spraying systems.
Maintain Nozzle Performance and Reduce Waste
Most spray problems are avoidable through a simple nozzle maintenance program to check for wear and clean or replace any identified problem areas. Watch our video or download our complimenatry guide to learn more.

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BETE is an industry leader in spray process solutions
Nearly all BETE spray nozzles and solutions are manufactured, fabricated, and assembled in our facility in the USA, and are used everywhere. Industries around the world depend on our specialized spray expertise and engineering. Alongside more specialized custom fabrication processes, we use injection molding, investment casting, and CNC machining to create nozzles and spray nozzle systems. 

We have expertise in standard materials from brass and stainless steel to advanced alloys, ceramics, and polymers. Our fabrication process is assisted by an advanced CIM (Computer Integrated Manufacturing) system, linking the design phase to the production process to create innovative spray technology solutions for your unique application.  
We’ve patented dozens of industry innovations
Our team has manufactured tens of thousands of different products, including patented  innovations, allowing us to do things with nozzles others can’t. 

BETE engineers continue to create new performance-enhancing designs every year. We design and produce injector nozzles, spray lances and fabrications for just about any industry you can name.
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Flexible materials and precision fabrication to meet your needs
BETE’s In-house nozzle manufacturing facilities means you get expertise at every step of your project.

We offer injection molding for plastic nozzles, bar stock machining for metal alloys and smaller quantities of plastics, and investment casting for more complicated or custom nozzles. Our welding capabilities allow us to incorporate disparate alloys for optimum results. We do heat treating, plating, ceramic fabrication, and laser marking. BETE spray applications engineers are available for guidance, and our facilities provide the manufacturing flexibility to meet your requirements for quality products
Advanced computational modeling services
Our dedicated Advanced Engineering team uses Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to diagnose problems and confirm BETE nozzle selection or fabrication design when it is impractical to test the nozzle or system in the laboratory. CFD models and simulations allow us to predict such things as droplet trajectories, evaporation, flow patterns in ducts, and tank circulation. 

As specialists in Finite Element Analysis (FEA), BETE evaluates how applied stresses will affect our product materials and designs for ASME code compliance.
Advanced Spray Engineering
BETE’s laboratory features state-of-the-art instrumentation to measure spray characteristics such as flow rate, droplet size, and spray distribution.

We use performance data and design experience to create solutions for your process problems. Our team can design, build, and test physical models to evaluate nozzles for your application in our 1500 ft2 (140 m2) indoor test area or larger outdoor space. 
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The most responsive Customer Service and Applications Engineering in the industry
Our experience working in dozens of industries and enhancing thousands of applications translates to expert engineering you can count on when it matters most. Expect world class customer service from project inception through delivery of your final product.

From initial discussions to design, fabrication and ongoing service – we will make your project a success. Get in touch below to learn more about our BETE Fog Nozzle catalog or any of our other products.