Nozzles for the Pulp & Paper Industry

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BETE is a trusted international nozzle supplier for paper manufacturing plants of all sizes and specialities. Our nozzles are useful for edge trimming, gluing, cleaning, air control and other common paper industry processes. BETE nozzles are built to be dependable for large-scale manufacturing, where continuous uptime is critical to success.

Contact us today to speak with our experienced sales personnel or engineers and we can help you find the best nozzle solution for your needs, be it from our line of standard products or a custom solution. BETE personnel will use their extensive experience, coupled with specific analysis tools, to size the right nozzle for optimal performance in your situation. Our team provides prompt delivery and service along with real technical, engineering, and problem solving advice.

Common Nozzle Applications in the Paper Industry

Air Control

  • Using compressed air to direct sheets of paper during processing

Chemical Injection

  • Injecting defoamers, flocculants, dry strengths, rewet, biocides, oxygen scavengers (boilers), etc. during processing

​​Cleaning / Washing

  • Conveyor/felt
    • Removing debris from the process conveyors
  • Doctor blade
    • Clearing the buildup of paper on the scraper or doctor blade in tissue mills
  • Drum and Tote Cleaning
    • Chemical totes and drums
  • Shaker screen wash
    • Cleaning off heavy particulates from filtering screens used in recycled paper mills
  • Tank Cleaning
    • Stock chests, holding tanks

Dust Control

  • Spraying water in the recycled paper holding area in order to suppress dust clouds

Edge trimming

  • Straight jet nozzles are used to trim paper to the desired size

Foam Control

  • Waste water treatment plants (WWTP)
  • Paper machine troughs


  • Spraying glue to adhere multiple layers or varying grades of paper to each other


  • Lubricating the machines and materials used during paper processing to prevent binding or clogging

Moisturizing & Humidification

  • Spraying onto the paper before the roll, in order to get a specific moisture
  • Humidifying the holding area for paper rolls