About BETE

Since 1950, BETE has put over 1,000,000 nozzles into deep sea, deep space, and everywhere in between.

Why work with BETE?

Who are we?

BETE is a fourth-generation family-owned company that designs and manufactures tens of thousands of different products related to spray process solutions. We offer Advanced Spray Engineering Services to solve more challenging and critical problems, including the ability to do CFD studies and physical testing at our location in Greenfield, Massachusetts. We have a prominent international presence supported by our distributor partners and a growing subsidiary headquartered in Germany.




What do we do?

We design and manufacture spray nozzles, spray process fabrications, and spray systems. We provide guidance and technical expertise in the selection of products and development of custom solutions. We utilize our manufacturing resources in conjunction with our laboratory to undertake customer contract projects for research, testing, analysis, and project validation.




How do we do it, and whom does it affect?

BETE uses decades of experience with spray Design and Applications Engineering combined with our CNC Machine Shop, Foundry, and Spray Lab to design, manufacture, and test our products. We provide spray nozzles, spray lances, spray fabrications, spray systems, and spray research for applications such as gas cooling and scrubbing, material injection, tank washing, and coating. We serve a myriad of markets, including food & beverage, petrochemical, chemical, and pollution control. We help our customers improve efficiencies and achieve sustainability with products that reduce water usage, minimize maintenance downtime, and eliminate the waste of valuable chemicals, compounds, and ingredients.